More About Our Landscaping and Tree Services

A beautiful landscape is a product of the perfect balance between softscapes and hardscapes. The competence, creativity, and experience of the landscaping and tree contractor that will handle the said project matter a lot. That’s why you should not hesitate to book an appointment with Sonshine tree removal and landscaping. Check out our list of diverse and streamlined landscaping and tree services.

Yard Landscaping

Yard Landscaping

Yard Renovation 

If you need help renovating and upgrading your backyard or front yard landscape, we’re your go-to company. Our team utilizes high-end and cutting-edge tools and techniques in boosting both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your yard regardless of its size and purpose.

Landscaping Services 

We offer complete and streamlined landscaping services in Dundee, FL. We can help you create a custom landscape installation plan. From the making of the design and overall dynamics of your landscape up to the installation of hardscapes and softscapes, we got you covered.

Tree Trimming

One of our specialties is providing precise and consistent tree trimming services. Our team will safely and efficiently remove the rotten, dead, and infected branches of your trees. There’s no need for you to worry about the tools and costs, our service packages are made to suit your needs and budget.

Tree Removal

Are there dead and seriously ill trees in your property? Do you need help removing them? By availing our services, our team will immediately arrive at your doorsteps to assess your trees and to plan how to effectively remove the same without causing damage to your property.

Hedge Maintenance 

If you need impeccable hedge care and maintenance, you’re on the right path. We’ll ensure that there are no overgrown or infected hedges in your landscape.

Other Services 

Aside from the aforementioned tree and landscaping services, we also provide stump grinding services which are relevant after you remove a tree or group of trees in your lawn. We can also help you in choosing and planting the trees that you want to be included in your front yard or backyard landscape.

Indeed, if you need either tree or landscaping services or both in Dundee, FL, our company will give you the level of quality and efficiency that you need. Now that you know more about our services, give Sonshine tree removal and landscaping a call at (863) 588-5069 today and learn more about our prices and availability!